Resistance Was Futile

On the left: hardcover copy of Rachel's Holiday, by one of my favorite authors, Marian Keyes. Purchased off eBay for 1.99, plus 3 dollars shipping.

On the right: iPad with an ebook copy of Rachel's Holiday, purchased for 1.99. I figured the price was right.

If I could take a time machine back to the seven year old Suzanne, I'd fill an iPad with all those favorite books that have been read over the years. Instead of straining the eyes, trying to read by the hall light after bedtime, the Suzanne of the past could have larger, backlit text.

Pretty cool stuff! If any of my favorite authors had books out that I haven't got on the 'to buy' list, I would be grabbing the eBook. Yes, I know, in the past I'd said there's nothing that replaces a real book, but this is still pretty cool.


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