Shake, Rattle and Roll

That earthquake today? If we still lived in Maryland, we'd be about 90 miles from the epicenter.

Too close for comfort in my book. I'm usually laid back about stuff, but I am terrified of tornadoes and only slightly less scared of earthquakes. Yes, I've lived through several hurricanes and many, many blizzards, but you can plan for them.

The unpredictability of the earth shaking or a tornado tearing a swath through the paddock between my house and the neighbor's five acres away is not something I ever want to deal with on a regular basis. That tornado touched down in 1994, while I was in Chicago, moving Ed to Maryland. It was a good thing I wasn't there to see it.

A lot of people are describing their experience as "thinking I was lightheaded/dizzy/woozy" and this made one friend comment to me on the phone tonight that she now has a little bit of an idea what life with vertigo must be like. To an extent, yes, what she experienced sounds like my usual day, but not the bad episodes. I think those might be closer to the Northridge quake.

Anyway, I'm hoping that the USGS decides that this wasn't a pre-shock, that the aftershocks are few and that my friends further north on the East coast don't feel the earth moving under their feet anytime soon.

Add to my Ph.D. school list requirements-no earthquakes in the recent past or a lack of tectonic activity nearby...


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