Suzanne's Grand Adventure

I can relate to this guy.

Tonight, while I was indisposed, my phone rang. I let it go to voice mail because I knew there was no way to get to it in time. Then, I didn't recognize the number and my policy is don't answer those, because 90% of the time, it's not me they're looking for. This time, there was a voice mail from Chef's best friend.

He was at a gas station a few miles away and had walked 3 miles from his mom's car, which had run out of gas. Lately, they've been in straights that Ed and I were in three years ago, but there are relationship issues in the mix that are not pleasant. If it was just the mom, I probably would have said screw it and ignored the call, but I can't ignore kids-especially when I know one twelve year old is sitting at a gas station and mom and his siblings are sitting on the side of the road somewhere.

I went and got him, drove him back to mom's van and after the gas was put in, it still didn't start. No jumper cables between us, so I drove to WalMart and bought jumper cables for both of us, then drove back to her.

Nope, that's not it. Either the starter or alternator is fried. I offered to drive her and the kids home (the van could fit everyone), but she worried about the dark road and the vehicle stranded just barely off the pavement. I called a tow truck.

With a 30-45 minute lead time, we drove the kids back to her house and then sat behind her van in mine, talking about the crappy situation she's stuck in right now. She moved down here with her husband and four kids and well, it just sucks all around for them right now. She wants to move back 'home' to have family and friends nearby, but doesn't have the means to do it.

Finally, the tow truck arrives and we get things coordinate and then he follows me back to her house and deposits her van in the driveway. She's broker than broke, so I got the bill.

I left home at 9:30 and got home at 1:20. So much for a short trip to bring a kid back to his mom's car with the gas can!


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