Gotta Love Those iPad Apps

Now that we have a Buffalo Wild Wings in town, I get to feed my trivia habit on a regular basis with Buzztime Trivia. Then Hooters added Buzztime in April and the men know they can get me to go get wings a lot quicker because I can kick some butt in arcane knowledge.

Yes, I'm competitive, why do you ask?

When you play Buzztime, they have ads between sets of questions. One tells you about playing more Buzztime online, another says you can play from your phone instead of with their device, so I downloaded it the other day and played from my phone when we were there last week.

Tonight, I put the app on my iPhone while we were getting ready to go and I signed in (yes, player plus-what else did you expect from a trivia nut?) to the app while at home. It showed me all the local Buzztime locations, like this:

Then I was asked if I wanted to play Countdown or Poker. I do not have a poker face, nor am I any good at it, so I went for Trivia, even though I knew that I wouldn't see the questions. I was told I was ready to play-even two miles away from the restaurant. Oh, goody.

Imagine my surprise when I saw something like this:

The funny thing is that I answered two of the first five questions right, got in the car, drove to the restaurant and question 15 (the last in the set) was on the screen. I finished 3rd of 8 players, just randomly guessing. So of course, here I am at home and doing the same thing as before.

I think I now understand how a restaurant that's been open six months can have a player with almost 2 million points now.

Oh, and if you have an iPad, it's much more fun to play on it than the Buzztime consoles.


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