Using the Assets I Have

I was asked to write a blog for work, partly because I have experience working with one and because my boss was familiar with my writing.

Now I have a new boss and she's quite pleased with my social media savvy and Adobe CS5 skills. So, I have some new tasks-creating a Twitter account and Facebook page as soon as I get some guidelines from legal. Heck, she wanted me to start things up today, but realized that waiting for the green light was the way to go.

In the meantime, I'm also treading some ground I haven't seen in years. Client sign in sheets have been scanned in for a long time, and someone manually goes through them to create Excel sheets of how many contacts were made, what form of interaction there was and who worked with the client. The job was time consuming and it was expected to become my task while they searched for a software package that would import the information from Outlook into a database.

Instead, I asked if we wanted a relational database in Access. Yes, there still is the manual entry component for now, but the data can be manipulated much easier than can be done in Excel. Eventually, I can probably take the daily records and input them in a matter of minutes.

So, along with learning JavaScript this semester, I'll be learning Access, too. That resume is going to be looking pretty good come May!


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