A friend posted on Facebook today "Does anyone have a Wii Fit they want to sell?" As I have one that would tell me it's been 972 days since your last confession workout, I offered her mine. At the time they came out, I'd thought that the yoga activities would meet my doctor's 'no impact' workout criteria. Little did I know that my balance issues are related to the big fat head and no amount of running dog is going to change that.

I called her tonight and got her voice mail. I commented that I didn't realize that she had a Wii, but then again, her apartment is so clean you can eat off the floors-she probably had it hidden somewhere ( a comment I believe I actually made on the voice mail). If she didn't, no matter, I've got a spare Wii if she wanted to consider taking that, too.

Guess what? She doesn't have a Wii. She thought the Wii Fit was a stand alone product.

So I told her my reason for mentioning it. When I managed the Babbages, I had a gentleman of about 50 walk purposefully into my store, grab a Sega CD add on system from one side of the store, go over to the other side and grab a CD-Rom box of the Nascar game and stride up to the register. He was unwilling to engage in any conversation, such as me telling him that the game is great, I had it on my computer for my boyfriend to play while he visited from Chicago, but I liked it, too.

Not a peep out of the guy. He paid cash and left. The way he walked in and out of the store gave the impression that he knew what he was doing, and the store was laid out with video games on one side and computer software on the other side. He didn't engage in conversation and I figured it was because I was a female talking games.

Two hours later, while I was at lunch, one of the other managers had an irate man come in with a Sega CD and Nascar game, cursing a blue streak that 'this CD don't work in that Sega CD thing." Some derogatory comments were flung that I hadn't informed him that he needed a computer with a CD-Rom drive to use it.

Hmmm. Thankfully, the other manager knew that I could and would talk to anyone about that game, so he asked the gentleman "Did Suzanne tell you she had this game? She bought it for her boyfriend, but she's hooked on it." That's when the guy said "Oh yeah, she said that she had it on her computer
for him to play when he's here from Chicago."

Hmmm. (And no, he never picked up on what tumbled from his mouth, but the other manager did-and had a good laugh about it later.)

Since then, I take nothing for granted and ask. At least today, we both got a giggle out of me asking one of those pre qualifying questions.


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