Spaghetti Models

While I would never want to go back to the days where hurricanes showed up without any advance warning, the current methods may just provide too much information.

Case in point:
The Weather Channel has a Storm Tracker. It takes those models from the National Hurricane Center and expands the information. For instance, you can zoom in on that map to street level.

Earlier today, it showed the eye of the storm passing three blocks away from my sister's house. Granted, the eye is huge, so her house would be in that-but it's the winds on the back side of the eye that inflict the most damage.

When I looked at it a couple of hours ago, it passed over Betsy and Tod's old house (and my sister's old apartment from her single days). Now, it passes about 1/4 mile east of the gas station where Ed and I met when we worked together years ago.

A lot can change between now and when it makes landfall in NY. I'm kind of hoping for an outcome like Belle in 1976, where the storm pretty much made landfall and fell apart. The last big storm to hit Long Island in 1985 and I wasn't even there to witness it, as the family was up in Buffalo for a wedding.

All I know is that a lot of people I care about are in the cone of possibility and I'd rather this one boomerang further right, not make major landfall and keep going into the colder waters of the north Atlantic.

Wishful thinking, based on those street level views...


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