or, Steve Jobs loves the number of Apple devices in this house!

Ed told me I could choose my birthday present this year. I could have whatever I wanted. I chose this:

It was scheduled to arrive between the 5th and the 9th, but UPS knocked on our door around 9:30 this morning instead. Now I'm fiddling with it, getting my email set up properly and playing Lego Harry Potter(very nice) and downloading movies onto it, too.

While it's for fun, I suspect that at least one of my fall classes will cover the use of iPads in education, so it may be a bonus that I'm playing with mine now.

Thank you, honey!


LceeL said…
I am officially jealous.
Suzanne said…
I think we all need to email SWMBO and drop not-so-subtle hints that you *need* one!

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