Brussels Sprouts

Love them or hate them?

Honestly, I'd never had them until I tried them at a restaurant on the other side of town. Their souvlaki was amazing, but the side of sprouts was a first. Theirs were sauteed in olive oil. They had a nice, earthy flavor. I liked them.

Then, yesterday, we encountered them at a farm stand and Ed commented that he had never tried them. I reported my findings, I bought a quart container and made some with dinner tonight.

One of the cub scouts on one of the very last camping trips and I walked from our evening activity back to our campsite and in asking each other questions, discovered hat he was a budding chef. He told me he loved brussels sprouts and told me his prefered method of preparation.

Sooo, tonight, I prepared them Spencer style, tossed in olive oil, with salt, pepper, garlic and balsamic, then cooked them on the grill. The kid didn't steer me wrong-they were good!

Hey, Ed liked them, too. I didn't even ask the kids, though.

And you?


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