Flashback-and a Look Forward

The Digital Video class this semester is my 'fun' class, the one I purposely saved until the end because I knew it would be a lot of fun.

Even after spending about 25 hours editing that video for this week's assignment, I enjoyed the process. Tomorrow, I will should a student roundtable and possibly more of the Student Voices interviews to post here and on YouTube.

The next assignment is due in two weeks. Some people might come off the amount of work we had to do for the first one and freaked. Meanwhile, I have been debating Pulled Pork, pizza, or something else from the grill, because it is a cooking demonstration video.

I have a little history with that:

Last night, I explained to a classmate that I'd auditioned for NFNS a couple of times and promised to show her the video segment for ideas. She doesn't cook and wasn't sure what to do. At the end of class, I had located the blog post and shared-and she and another classmate thought I'd already finished the assignment.

It's a good effort for the skills I had back then, but now, I look at it and see all the flaws in lighting, sound and background. Next week, I'll fix it.

And after this weekend, I'll have my video work for the final project in the can. While it's not easy, this class has definitely been somewhat low pressure!


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