Musical Monstrosities

A friend pointed me towards the Bill Shatner rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody," which I could only tolerate for just over a minute before waving the white flag of surrender. Inspiration struck when I looked at the suggested videos to the side.

How about some hideously bad music?

For instance, like Telly Savalas:

Or Phyllis Diller:

even Leonard Nimoy got into the recording studio:

and the one that, back in 1996, made me happy for employees who could dig up anything on the Internet before DogPile or Google. (IIRC, this nugget of joy came up on Alta Vista and we were giggling at work for WEEKS on the audio alone)

I don't know, should I start digging through the depths of YouTube for more abominations of music?


What are you trying to do, torture me?

Savalas wasn't horrific. but the rest? OMG....
Suzanne said…
My work here is done. :P

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