GameTeen has not attended many birthday parties.

One in Maryland, one about five years ago-then two for classmates in the past month. Until this month, I don't think he realized that birthday parties are things that occur with any sort of regularity.

So, tonight, we were at odds. He had agreed to go to a party, I RSVPed, he and I shopped for a gift the other night, but he decided he wanted to stay home and play video games, because he didn't want to take a shower or change clothes.

I insisted he made a promise, he finally realized I wasn't backing down, and he showered and dressed nice. He went to the party and the birthday girl gave him a hug, ecstatic that he'd shown up (it was a surprise party). Once there, he was quite happy to stick around.

When I picked him up at the end of the party, the birthday girl's parents informed me that he was so well mannered. They really do save it up for other people, don't they? I was also told that he said he was having a birthday party this year and they were invited.

As I suspected, seeing two parties where people other than family bring you gifts? I think he's considering the potential of more presents!


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