Say What?

When I got home tonight, after a nice dinner with GameTeen and a friend, I had an agenda: a writing assignment for one class, completing taxes and doing some grading.

My internet provider had other plans. It crapped out on me.

At first, I thought Mi Manzana was to blame and started running Kaspersky. Then I picked up my iPad and it wasn't accessing the web. Ed wasn't home, so I grabbed his iPad and same deal. My phone told me no internet. So, I shut off the wifi on the phone and hey, surprise, I was getting access.

So, intrepid computer skills were put to use. I rebooted my computer-no luck.

I went over to the cable modem, unplugged it, then turned it back on-no luck. (It was showing send and receive, though, even though none of the devices were successfully doing either).

Next, the router was unplugged and turned back on. No dice.

I had to use the phone to call Brighthouse and got a representative who used remote access to tell me the modem was working fine. then he suggested I shut off the router and unplug it. He did a push, reset our IP address and three minutes later, service was restored.

In his parting statement, he informed me that the next time I have internet connectivity issues, I should check their website's FAQs to go through these steps. (The same ones I did on my own, save for their push and reset, I might add).


I commented that if I was actually unable to access the internet, that meant I would not be able to visit their website OR view the FAQs. He replied "yeah, that doesn't quite make sense, does it?"

Seems the company didn't do a logic test on their customer service scripts.

And, 25 minutes later, internet went down again. I went through all my steps (that I hadn't found on their website) and it was working again. It makes me think their modem just might be crapping out.


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