Go With What You Know

This semester I have one class I adore, one class that I'll feel much better about once I get caught up and another that just frustrates me. I chose poorly, and this is my semester of electives. Ooops!

At least I'm learning how to use industry standard software. I started with this PowerPoint (this is one of 15 pages)

Made all the buttons operational, added audio and then imported it into Captivate.

Alas, I had to redo the buttons (to the tune of 150 button overlays) and they don't work right.

However, the content is on Glaciers, it's for a client who wants to use it with sixth through eight grade students and I pulled my kid to be a 'virtual host'. I'm hoping to bribe him into doing voice over work for me. The go with what I know parts?

Using Piaget's stages of development to explain that the targeted age group is still somewhat concrete in thinking, so we should avoid abstraction. To that end, the other thing I know-showing visual representations of the effects of Glacial retreat would work better than describing it. Here's an example:
image from www.ospreysguide.com

Those huge rocks were deposited as the glacier receded, creating the Harbor Hill moraine, a terminal moraine that forms the hills of the North Shore of Long Island. By contrast, the south shore is considered prairie, flat as can be, with beaches like this:
The glaciers didn't come 25 miles south!

And hey, I remembered a lot from that Field Lab Geology class!

So, I'll probably modify my prototype to include terminal moraines and dig up what pictures I have of Long Island's north shore beaches to include in this thing..


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