Sleep, Perchance to Dream

For the last few months, I've been sleeping on that lovely chair I bought in October. The lovely bed we purchased when me moved into the house in April 2010, wasn't so lovely, after all.

Seems Serta had a run of problems with their memory foam line of mattresses (a Serta Kira) and rather than it 'bouncing back' when each of us got out of the bed in the morning, there were noticeable indentations in the mattress.

For the average person, this probably would be okay, but the bed had caved in a little where my body laid each night, but my head was situated on a portion that did not sink in. This pulled my neck out of whack and aggravated the Chiari symptoms. Sleeping on a chair wasn't the best solution, but I didn't spend my days with heating packs around my neck and shoulders.

It took a while to get everything straightened out, but Serta refunded the purchase price of our mattress sight unseen (I'd heard this was not typical) and we picked out a different type of memory foam, the iComfort Insight, shelled out some more money and had it delivered today.

After so long, it felt strange to lay down on my new bed and stretch out. I normally sleep with my knees slightly bent, but I haven't for a while. It'll be good to get comfy with room to move.

I suspect I just might sleep until noon!


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