Knowing Your Spouse

So, Valentine's day.

We don't go overboard around here, compared to others. I think a few years of really hard times and family losses put many things into perspective for us. I don't need an expensive gift to know that I'm loved and cherished (even if Ed wanted to use 'Obey' instead of 'Cherish' in our vows).

Last week, I ordered See's for the menfolk. A custom box for Ed, so he wouldn't be saddled with a nut chew or something else he doesn't like. Truffles for the boys and a small box for me, because if I'm ordering chocolate from California, I must have some, too.

Apparently, this was Ed's plan, too. He knows me-chocolate is always a hit. Instead, he took a drive to a mall 30 miles east, and got me Godiva c.hocolate dipped strawberries.

Damn, they're good.

Damn, the husband knows me well. He's a keeper. :)


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