A Piece of Childhood is Gone

I never specifically went to see Davy Jones, but I did get to see him twice.

Once, Donna and I were in Manhattan for a taping of the Daily Show when I suggested going to a favorite restaurant for dinner. Alas, O'Neil's Balloon was gone-replaced by Cafe Merlot, but we went into the hotel next door to use the facilities and happened upon some Monkees fan event. We caught a glimpse of Davy and Mickey, then called a friend from a payphone to tell him the Monkees were in the very next room.

Then, before we moved down here, Epcot had Davy playing the Flower Power music festival during the Flower and Garden show and we got to hear him playing Monkees favorites as we strolled around the World Showcase.

It's hard not to hear a Monkees song and not get caught up in the fun within it, and I think a lot of that was linked to the peppy persona that Davy was.

As a kid, my earliest memories usually involve music, and I remember the Monkees appearing on TV-I must have been around 2 or 3. The passing of Davy just drives home that I'm not a kid anymore, and well, it's sad that that upbeat, smiling guy with the adorable accent and smile is gone.

RIP, Davy.


I'm a little older than you. I was 6 when The Monkees premiered on TV. Watched the show religiously, owned 3 of their albums, on vinyl, which I played over and over on my portable phonograph. Davy was always my favorite. Sliwly but surely, pieces of our childhood are vanishing. So sad.

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