CND Shellac-Black Pool/Hotski Layering

Originally, I posted this picture, intending to do a write up afterwards. The trip to New York happened, the surgery happened and then when I went to update the post with all the pictures, I realized that I hadn't added any information to this lonely picture. Oops!

Katie knows that Hotski is one of my very favorite colors in the lineup of gel polishes. In fact, for a while there, I alternated trying other colors and having Hotski to Tchotchke on my fingers, because I do not tire of it. However, this visit, we originally toyed with putting on a blue shade for my reunion-but it wasn't happening.

Instead, she suggested layering black pool underneath the hotski to get a deeper color and I have to say, I really loved this. It brought out more of the green in the shade and gave it a wonderful depth. In fact, I got stopped SO many times between flying to NY, flying back, going into the hospital for preop testing and each nurse that cared for me in the hospital had to know WHAT is that color?

I almost feel like the picture doesn't do it justice-this was THE color that just stopped people dead in their tracks to ask me what I was wearing. Something about putting black underneath it just made it stand out that much more. I will definitely be doing this again, but it also has me wondering about black under other favorites, so you'll see those soon, too.

Oh yeah, I wore it for three weeks and am still amazed at how many questions were asked about the shade. I almost wish all the medical staff were here in Lakeland, because it would have brought miss Katie some new customers!


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