Harry's, Lakeland

This is one of those hole in the wall places that looks horrible from the outside, but delivers solid breakfasts and lunches. Heck, even inside looks a little run down, even with it changing hands a couple of years ago-but sometimes, the cosmetic doesn't tell the whole story.

This place does a solid breakfast and a decent lunch full of basics. You want meatloaf like mom used to make? This is your place. Burgers with a good char? Definitely up for the challenge. Good, old fashioned southern sweet tea? This place has the best in town.

Unpretentious is the word to describe it. I mean, take a look at our lunch choices: 3
If you want fancy, this is NOT the place for you. But if you want honest comfort food, well prepared, at a good price, then you will not be disappointed. Just get there before 3pm, otherwise, you will be left hungry.

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