Stir Crazy

Years ago, I had a problem with anxiety. I learned my trigger was feeling like I wasn't in control of a situation-which is the exact scenario that caused it to erupt in the first place. As a result, for a very long time, I could not spend a whole day at home-I had to get out and DO something, even if it was going down into town to put gas in my car. Weird quirks, thy cause is anxiety.
,br /> Many years have passed, and I am happy to report that I've had only a couple of anxiety attacks in the past few years, and they definitely were brought on by not being in control. It is part of the reason why GameTeen's school situation is different, because I felt the people who didn't care about his needs were calling the shots.

Anyway, the residual thing is definitely being at home too long. I'm not allowed to drive yet. I even wonder how I'm supposed to be cleared to return to work if I have to wear this neck brace for another 85 days, but I won't dwell on that, but the jaunt out yesterday to get my nails done was not enough to keep me from going a little bonkers.

Thankfully, my friend Jenn, who had this surgery a month ago, knows all too well that I don't do well being stuck at home. She gathered me up this afternoon, we went to meet with a contractor at her new house, to Five Guys for lunch, and then stopped at the post office to empty my box (which I was sure would be overflowing, but wasn't too bad) and back home again.

It was good to be out for a few hours. I'm good until tomorrow...


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