When I work, I don't do things halfway. Even if my role doesn't call for it, you get all that expertise in other areas when you hire me. I think like a manager, I'm analytical, I won't say 'that's not in my job description'. It just isn't how things work in my world.

This is a three day weekend. A time to enjoy the last hurrah of summer. My bosses and I made plans to visit Sam's club for some needed items, because I have a membership and they don't. While there, I planned to get all the laptops to work on them tonight and tomorrow. To me, I'm not ready for Tuesday, therefore, I must do some work to get to that level.

What I didn't expect is that seven others (of our staff of 15) also felt the same way and were at work, preparing things to ensure Tuesday ran smoothly. It's a good feeling to know that we all see a three day weekend and know that it's a prime opportunity to get a jump on the things we need to get done.


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