Invite With a Laugh

My academic department has a club, one that leans more towards socializing for networking, rather than formal events. After a time of it laying dormant, a friend now heads the group and is trying to organize parties and potlucks. Thus, an invite arrived in my email earlier this week.

I looked at the date, determined that it's almost two weeks after surgery and I'll probably be a bit stir crazy, so I RSVPed that the family would attend. On the eVite site, there's a little message board, and I asked for suggestions of what I could make.

The friend and I had chatted on Facebook already and I leaned towards making Strawberry Salad and Baked Ziti, two things that got raves each time I bring them and make the vegetarians happy (we seem to have many of them in our department-I eat enough meat to make up for them!). Not ten minutes after she and I had the conversation, someone else asks 'Ziti? Strawberry salad?'

Both items don't require a ton of work, so they're good for a recovering Suzanne to prepare. I can do them in stages over a couple of days, even. Better than doing pepperoni rolls or some of the other things I've made in the past.

Apparently, my major professor hadn't looked at the message board. He is known as a chow hound. A vegetarian, he has been known to eat meat if it is in food I make. Equal opportunity, he is. Anyway, he also sent me an eVite to this event and it made me laugh.

'Suzanne, you're invited! And could you bring some food?????!!!!!!'

Sure thing. How can I resist when I get not one, but two invites?


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