PreOp Testing

Today was supposed to be a day off from work, so I could go do pre-admissions testing for surgery. Instead, I ended up working five hours, getting some work done at one location, and fixing the router that got messed up at our other location.

So, after doing that first part of the above work, I drove over to Tampa and got poked and prodded for a while. Of course, I thought they'd take a sample, so the one time I don't visit a restroom before my visit, they don't need me to pee in a cup! Blood pressure looked good for me, everything else is good to go, and I have an eviction notice for the pain in my neck!

Then, my boss told me the router was broken in our other campus. Rather, someone unplugged something, so other things got plugged in, the reset button was pressed and of course, they had no internet! Now, they're good to go, but I added a bunch of 'to do' items to my tech log for when I return from my time off.

No rest for the weary.


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