When the neurosurgery resident triaged me recently, he asked if I'd been experiencing other symptoms, like lower back pain (oh my yes, but only when doing the laundry or cooking for more than 20 minutes), or if the tingling and numbness was on my other side-indicators that C4 through C7 were completely involved in this wreck of a neck.

I'd forgotten about the lower back pain until I did laundry a few nights later. Okay, we can check that one off the list.

This morning, I got to work and pulled my cart out of the van. Rather than lift things and use my Vera Metro bag, I've taken to using a teacher's crate on wheels. In doing so, I dropped my keys. I thought it was just me being the klutz I tend to be, but noticed the left arm (unaffected side) was really heavy and numb.

I went to grab the keys with my left hand and it was like I was watching that claw game where I'd just nicked something, it got pulled up, but falls back into the pile of prizes. Crap. So I tried again, same thing. Then a third time without success. Crapity crap.

I gave up, picked up the keys with my right hand and hooked the ring on one of my fingers to make sure I didn't drop them again. The numbness went away after about 20 minutes and didn't come back, but I'm worried about whether it'll come back tomorrow.

At least I have the EMG scheduled with my neurologist Monday, and I will mention it to him. I sure hope that doesn't get me stuck with needles on both sides of my shoulders!


JW said…
Reminds me of my wife's issues. Her back tightness up on her when she does lifting for more than 10 minutes. When she feels it she will ask me to feel it and ask if it is hard or not. She has been steadily doing back exercises and ab exercises to strengthen her core which is the only thing that is going to help her condition. She does go for a series of 3 epidural shots at Florida Orthopedic Institute. If I counted correctly it is going to cost us $900 out of pocked for this. doc fees, anathesiologist fees, and facilitiy fees ( which I find outrageous. $3000 for 15 minutes?).
I am hoping this is out last stop in regards to her back issue.

I bet you cannot wait for your surgery to see how your body takes it.


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