I visited the neurosurgeon yesterday. He seemed concerned about the numbness, and was relieved when I said that I wasn't waiting until the semester's end to have this surgery. Sooo, in just over a week, I'll go under the knife.

There are two routes to go with this, and the NS is actually going for the more conservative approach to preserve my range of motion. I'll be having a C5-C6 laminectomy, where the herniated disc will be removed, a curvature in my neck will be repaired, and a bone spur will be excised. I'll be in the hospital overnight and in a neck brace until the graft agent starts knitting properly.

This will get rid of the numbness ASAP. Apparently, that is a sign of permanent nerve damage, and Monday's EMG shows no issues, so we're nipping this at just the right time. However, I've been in some sort of pain for over three years, it'll be nice to leave it all behind.

Let's get this show on the road...


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