Two Weeks of Teaching

The past two weeks, I've been in front of students for four classes a day. If you'd talked to me in April, I never thought that I'd be here. Yes, I wanted to research this student population, but to actually work with them every day? It didn't even cross my mind.

When I was asked to do this, though, I didn't hesitate. It felt right. What better way to form a research study than to actually see what it is that works and where there are opportunities to change instructional strategies than to actually be here. That said, I didn't know what to expect, whether my ideas were even right, or whether I'd make a connection with the students.

So far, so good.

What I love is that even the tougher students, the ones who shut themselves off from everyone are becoming some of the most engaged kids in my classes. The hugs that I get from some of the students give me such a rush that they feel comfortable with me (these typically are not the hugging kind of kids!) and today, one student commented as he left "but I don't want to leave!".

I'm still learning how much is enough in a lesson plan, how to effectively manage a classroom, and many other things-but it's coming naturally. It just fits. I keep hearing the saying by Confucius "A man who loves what he does will never work a day in his life," and it resonates. I never thought I'd love teaching this age group, but I do.

Teaching them something I love and seeing that spark because they want to learn? Pretty amazing stuff, folks.


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