Fifty Shades of Biting My Lip

If you've been hiding under a rock, then you have not heard of this book that is all the rage, Fifty Shades of Gray. I heard about it back in spring, when my friend Joyce told me she was reading it, liked it, and planned to read more of the books.

Then my sister, normally not one to fall prey to that genre of book, told me I should read it 'since everyone else is' and thus, I'd have a topic of conversation to share. Um, me? The one who was embarrassed to blog about underwear, seriously talk about Fifty Shades as a conversation starter with people I'm not really close friends with. Yeah, that is not happening.

As it happens, it got mocked on a message board I visit, there was a blogger parodying it, and there have been several videos 're-enacting' the dialogue. I got the gist, found out that it was a Twilight fan-fic piece with names changed and the writing was rather simplistic. Um, no, a book based on sparkly vampires is not earning my rare pleasure reading time.

Blogging friend Trisha decided to find out what the fuss was about Fifty Shades. She is another avid reader and within two chapters, was complaining and picked up on the redundant phrases, especially "I bit my lip." Supposedly, this is a turn on for Mr. Gray and Trisha asked us if we could bite our lips and make it sexy. Doing the laundry is tres sexy, so I snapped a few pictures last night while my clothes did their spin. Here's what I got:

And that is not including the other half dozen pictures. It's safe to say that Mr. Gray is blind as a bat if he thinks that lip biting is a turn on...

However, if this amuses, you, go visit Trisha over at MomDot and see all the other sexy lip biters, as well as Trisha and her husband's videos about Fifty Shades!


LOL. I downloaded the book but haven't read it yet. My older daughter . . She read the book, has no qualms with me seeing her reading the book, but told me "I don't want to know about it when you read it."
The Rebel Chick said…
ROFL I think that you had too much fun with this!

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