Another Shellac Update

Day 12 on round three of my Shellac by CND manicure.

This one didn't start out as well out of the gate because I have this habit of absently picking at my nails and well, there were a couple of fluff balls or something in the coating on two nails. Unless you're really looking at the nails, you probably wouldn't have noticed that the ends were a little ragged. User error, definitely not Nail Tech error.

and now for something completely different, the right hand!

Rock Royalty, which really looks like a creme polish unless in direct sunlight, like in these pictures

Yes, there are two nails that bit the dust this time around. Only two in six weeks is something of a record for me, so I'll chalk that up to a Shellac success, instead of a failure.

In noodling around the Innerwebz, I found that there are six colors coming out in September, a teal, aqua and purple, then three layering colors. Normally, I'd be bummed, because they're not what I would consider appropriate for work, but it seems that there's been a big shift on that since I was last working!

Katie, my nail tech, was teasing me that she should do my nails up in black and I was thinking I'm the anti-goth girl (except for the pale skin, that is), but I ran into her the other night and met her daughter. Daughter was sporting the black and it looks really good. Not an everyday kind of thing, but I'd wear it.

This is the experiment week, as we're stretching this manicure out to three weeks. Look for some added pictures to see how much my nails really grow in three weeks. Will I have two-tone nails? Only time will tell...

Day 17:

Other than my nails growing out, there hasn't been any peeling (which I was told to look for) and the only real concern is the new growth standing out against the dark polish. Then again, it just look like I've got acrylics in need of a fill, which you do see a lot around here.

It's unlikely anything drastic will happen between now and my appointment on Thursday.


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