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Ed is a huge fan of Indian cuisine. After I'd moved away from Long Island, he and his friends had found a great Indian restaurant right up the road from our shared employer and he went nuts on it.

Me? I hadn't had much exposure. When we started dating, he extolled the joys of vindaloo and tandoori, but that was the limit of my exposure. That I made myself from recipes I'd found online (but he told me were pretty darn close to the real deal.) We never made it to an Indian restaurant.

Now, we live in an area that is sparsely populated with ethnic restaurants that are not of the Latin cuisines. There is ONE Indian restaurant in town-and we finally visited it sometime last year. Finally, I tried something other than Indian food that I'd made without a frame of reference.

It was good. Chef got Chicken Korma, I got Tikka Masala and Ed a Curry dish. (GameTeen was the hold out with American fare off the kid's menu) The restaurant is small, the service was a little slow, but the food was tasty. I'm sure Ed was convinced that we'd go back.

We didn't get back until tonight, thanks to a Groupon.

I think this second time was much better. The mid week slow night in the restaurant meant we got a big table at the waiter's urging, so that we could spread things out. He was right-once we had all our dishes, we needed the room. Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Korma, a Tandoori chicken leg for Chef, Samosas, Papadams and Naan-all fresh, tender and expertly seasoned.

It won't take a year to get back there.

Now Ed's on the hunt for a Thai restaurant...


We got a Groupon for a local Indian restaurant -- there are many here on Long island. He had the tandoori grill and I had the chicken tikka masala. Yum.
Suzanne said…
Ed's place to frequent on LI was Sitar on 110, just south of the Huntington Hilton. It's gone now, but he would rave about it over and over.

We used another Groupon last night for this incredible German restaurant in Tampa. Sauerbraten to die for!

Next up is probabably Cafe Roti's prix fixe lunch menu...

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