Plans and Detours

Today was a nice relaxing, sleep in and skip studying kind of day. I'd turned in the first of two term papers and the other one will be a cakewalk. As it was a no-schoolwork day, I figured it was time to do something with the boys.

Last week, Chef had lamented to Ed that we rarely do stuff as a family anymore, due to all my studying and Ed's work schedule. In a conversation with me, he'd expressed a desire to go to Epcot. What he did not know is that, as Florida residents, we can purchase an Epcot only annual pass, good for admission after 4pm. Since this is our favorite of the Disney parks, he wondered if we could get them and after conferring with GameTeen, it was decided that the boys would have them for the year.

This afternoon, I purchased them online and printed the exchange vouchers, rounded up the boys and we headed to Orlando. I had planned a quick stop to drop off some antenna toppers to my friend, Jill.

The quick stop ended up being three hours, in which the boys discovered that Jill's other half, Brian, is a child masquerading as an adult. Their home is more entertaining than the Epcot park and probably the whole of Walt Disney World. If left to their own devices, they would have taken up residence with the cool guy with all manner of fun diversions.

Zombie Dice. (which we liked so much, I purchased a set when we got home)
Portal on the Hackintosh.
The joys of MAME games on a netbook.
Nerf guns.
and more.
(See, I was NOT kidding)

At one point, I'd quipped that their place was better than a toy store, because the kids did not have to sift through the boring stuff, Brian and Jill had already done the hard work.

It was good to spend time with Jill, as most of our interaction these days is online. I've been a regular reader of Brian's private blog, but we have only met twice before, but we keep saying we'll get together. He and Ed have a few common interests. Perhaps this will be the summer we get them over for some grilled goodies or head over to their place for game night.

The whole drive home, Chef was happily chattering about how cool Brian was, he knows a lot of stuff about games and has awesome toys, too. Not exactly what you expect from a kid-but hey, he recognizes another kid when he sees one-even if the guy looks like he's mom and dad's age.

Epcot will be there tomorrow...


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