Can I Have This In an Elizabethan Collar?

In searching for a new heating pad, I found this on the shelf of WalMart's pharmacy and it came home with me:

However, as wonderful as it may be, it'd be better to have one in more of a Dickie format, like this:

The neck and shoulder issues are what lead me to the neurologist and the Chiari diagnosis. I can go to physical therapy, but that's a temporary fix of a long term problem, one that plucks a lot of money out of my wallet for minimal gain.

The past month has been bad, and I probably smell like wintergreen more than my favorite body splashes. Other than getting the neurologist to write a prescription for a TENS unit, popping Vicodin is the recommended course of action. I'm trying to avoid using that, except for the extreme Chiari headaches, so that it will actually work on those MoFo things.

These mimic the heat compresses that the physical therapist uses. I just want a HUGE one to cover all of the sore areas...


Jess said…
I do not have the same issues you do, however, I've had great relief with a sock filled with rice, (yes, uncooked!)knotted off, and tossed in the microwave for a few minutes. Best heat pack EVER.

I would think you could do something with a thin towel folded and sewn to make a pouch, filled with rice, heated, then attached to your shoulders....velcro?

Might have to mess with that a bit. I hope you feel better soon!!!
Suzanne said…
That's a good idea.

I actually have a rice sock, but to position it properly, I can't really move once I'm trying to apply heat. The one I got is good because I can tie it in place.

Your idea can be used with a few cloth restaurant napkins sewn together.

Now to dig my sewing machine out of storage...

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