Perspective Altered

As an empathetic sort, I've traveled through life putting myself in the other person's shoes. It is a trait that was especially prevalent when talking with teachers, whether they were educating my own, friends or employees. To me, these are the people who have one of the most important jobs there is-preparing the young for their futures.

It's part of the reason why, when asked what my major is, I say "Hero Support." Those familiar with the movie "Sky High" will get the reference, but to others, I explain that those in my intended field lasso technology and bring it into the classroom for the teachers in whatever way works best. For some schools, it's extensive, in that whatever you experience in the classroom is readily available online. In others, it's supplemental material that there isn't time to cover in class. No matter what, the Instructional Technologist is well versed in the programming languages used in education (PLE for short) and utilize them in the way the instructor sees fit.

Like I said, hero support. I never really looked upon myself as an educator, just one who supported the educators.

This semester, though, has brought about a major change in the way I perceive myself. I now consider myself an educator, or more accurately, an educator-in-training. The two courses I took this summer were not technology based at all. They provided a groundwork for all educators in our college, and after ten weeks, I have been changed in ways I don't even know.

At 18, when I was deciding between a communications or English major, my Dad suggested Music. I pooh poohed the idea, saying "Dad, all I can do with a music degree is teach." Here I am, nearly 30 years later and the path I choose to take is in teaching at the college level.

Once again, Dad, you were right. I just needed a little time to get used to the idea.


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