Hooked on CND's Shellac

If you're new to the blog because of my posts about CND's Shellac, you might be under the impression that I'm a girly-girl. I'm not. The only thing I've ever wished I had that is remotely girly is pretty nails.

I have them now.

And I've had them for a month, with this wonderful product that really does last two weeks, as evidenced by this picture I snapped, right before I went and got the new color:

Yes, that is a two week old manicure. Other than ripping a nail, because mine are extremely soft, nine nails looked incredible for ten days. That other one barely showed signs that I'd had to hold it together with nail glue.

If my nails can hold up to Shellac, anyone's can. I'm abusive to them. The only accommodation I have made is that I now use a coin to open the occasional soda can. That's it.

The only thing I wish is that there were more colors, but with layering, a good nail technician can do many things. For instance, for back to school, my nails will look like this:

Thanks to All Laquered up for showing me that you can make green!

So, those of you who are used to the non-girly Suzanne Calling, my apologies that something girly has captured my attention.

I am totally hooked...


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