When Movie Endings Collide

This is what happens when you post on Facebook that you'll be attending the midnight showing of Harry Potter! (and there will be a review of the D-Box System and 3D tomorrow or Sunday-without spoilers)

I solemnly swear I'll be up to no good tonight-and I won't spoil it for others...

Frank: Voldemort is Harry's father and Hermoine is his twin sister?

Suzanne: And the collective gasp opportunity in the movie theatre is thwarted once again-thanks, Frank!

Frank: I didn't mention the little furry teddy-bear like creatures that help bring about the destruction of the evil empire or Voldemort returning to the light side.......oh damn

Frank: There was an alternate ending where Harry joins up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they hunt and kill Bella Swan because "she's too fucking whiny" (Harry's words-not mine) but, Daniel Radcliffe thought it might tarnish him in the eyes of his fans who haven't seen him nude on stage.

Joyce:You mean it wasn't just a dream after all?

Suzanne: Last scene has Harry coming out of the shower!

Robin: LOL too funny!

Frank: No Joyce, it was a dream. Harry gets hit on the head and wakes up in Chicago in bed with Suzanne Pleshette and he tell her of the wacky dream he had and that she should dye her hair red.

Not Dallas?

Robin: No the last scene has Harry in a helicopter waving goodbye to Ron on a motorcycle, with the word "goodbye" spelled out in stones on the ground...

Suzanne: They got everyone out of Hogwarts, right? That would be bad, especially with all the popcorn popping and coming out the windows and all.

Frank: I was totally shocked when Ron and Hermoine were on the beach and saw the Statue of Liberty half buried.

When Harry stabbed Davy Jones' heart to keep Ron alive, and Ron told Hermione to keep his heart safe while he captained the Dutchman ...

Frank: And they all returned to the Shire and lived happily until the end of their days.

Suzanne: Okay, I can't resist. Harry, Hermoine and Ron flew off in a vintage biplane, which was trailing a sign "Happy Wedding"

Frank: I think my favorite part was when Harry realized they were all part of a computer simulation and the he could stop attacking spells with his mind

Suzanne: and he shattered Voldemort's identity disc! It was the BEST part!

Frank: I was a little freaked out about how he kept his mother's corpse in the attic and mimicked her voice

Robin: The best part was when Harry started stomping on the bugs and saying "if you don't start nothing there won't be nothing..."

Suzanne: Best line that Snape said was "Your father was a newt and your mother smelled of elderberries"

I thought the best line was when Harry cut off Voldemort's head and said, "There can be only one"

Suzanne: I couldn't believe the last horcrux was the ring of Sauron

Robin: When did Snape say that, after Ron sang the spam song?

Is it bad to reveal when he did it? (Yes, he did-and who knew Rupert Grint is such a fine tenor!)

Frank: I heard he was waiting for one of The Three Tenors to drop dead so he could join.

Robin: And then Harry clicked his heels 3 times and said "there's no place like home."


I had so much fun with it...glad you posted it to the blog.
Suzanne said…
And I think you had just the right closure for it, too! :)

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