Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

One of my classes this summer has focused on the four main theories of education: Scholar Academic, Social Efficiency, Learner Centered and Social Reconstructionist. Each has qualities that are good, but my opinion is that none of these is idea without incorporating elements of at least one other curriculum.

This week's homework involved reading about a comprehensive study of five northern New Jersey schools around the time that I started middle school. The teaching materials used in two of the schools were the same ones I used in my elementary classroom. It was cool to see that, and frustrating to see that students from working class communities in the same school district, with the same budgetary dollars, weren't given the same quality education.

This song went through my head, because one of the comments made in the study by an educator was "The parents don't care, anyway, so why should we bother?"

Last week's assignments focused on Social Reconstructionism, the idea that schools should teach children to be agents of change in society. My opinion on last week's assignment was echoed this week, that we as parents have a duty to our children to teach the lessons we value, with the school backing us up with book knowledge.

Kind of like CSNY said 40-odd years ago...


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