I'm Not a Girly Girl

That is a description that people who know me would not use if they were asked to describe me. It just isn't. If I find an article of clothing I like, I go back and buy it in multiple colors, I hardly wear makeup (allergies), stick to very light fragranced body splashes (again, allergies) and wear minimal jewelery.

If I ever had designs on being a shoe freak, my stupid leg cured that before it even happened. The only thing that is remotely girly about me is the love of those Vera Bradley bags.

For some reason, though, I love nail polish. It's ridiculous, because my nails are impossibly soft and break easily. When I knew Ed and I were getting engaged (because it would not be a surprise with a long-distance relationship), I got acrylic nails right before he got to Maryland, so that I'd have pretty hands to show off my ring.

I liked the look, but hated what it did to my already soft nails. A friend suggested gel nails a couple of years after that as a different option, but I had kids and it didn't seem practical.

Still, the idea of having decent nails is one girly thing that I coveted, but figured I was out of luck. When I was much younger, I was getting silk wraps on my nails and that did a great job in making them noticeably stronger, but they don't do well if they're in water a lot. Scratch those when there's a pool in the back yard.

Then I heard about Shellac and did some investigating. It's a gel based nail color, but your nails don't have to be prepped (read, dremeled down) first, you don't have to soak your whole hand in acetone every couple of weeks to remove the gel and the best part? It lasts two weeks.

So, I did some emailing and got in touch with a local salon that offers this product. Sometime next week, I'll have girly girl nails with a twist. They won't be dragon lady talons, they'll be my own nails, and my normal length, but with a pretty and durable polish on them.

Watch for some pictures soon, because I'm really curious how well this will work and if it will protect my nails to the point that they get stronger.

Time will tell.


I used to bite my nails. They looked horrid. Now I love a good manicure. But I've got the kind of nails that don't hold polish well. Won't do acrylics. Thinking about UV gel.
Suzanne said…
This is one of the UV based products. There are three out there. I'll follow up with the results of this one.

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