Game Teen attended his school's prom tonight.

No, he didn't miraculously skip two years of school, rather, all the high school students are welcome to attend the event. About twenty of the 40 or so students in the program were there tonight.

I took pictures for the school, and hope that some parents enjoy the candids of their teens (one mom forgot her camera and offered to pay me.) Of course, I had to get some pictures of my handsome boy first.

As soon as I knew he was going, I had a mental image of what he'd wear. Black dress pants and a dark blue shirt. Ties and jackets were not required and honestly, with GameTeen's sensory issues, I wasn't going to even attempt them.

Even so, I think he looks mighty dapper. The shirt did exactly what I'd expected-made his eyes really stand out.

He had a fantastic time and even says he'll try a tie next year, but he's not guaranteeing that he'll keep it on. Post prom, I took him for a treat at Rita's and he is still smiles after arriving home.

Let's hope the rest of his high school dances and proms are as enjoyable.


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