One of the cool things about living in Florida, less than 100 miles away from Cape Kennedy, is that when the shuttles are launched, we can see them. In the seven years here, I've probably seen a half dozen-and could have seen more if the work schedule or cloud cover cooperated.

The last launch, I was emptying out Jane's apartment and stopped what I was doing to watch and take pictures. She had a fifth floor apartment and the windows pointed in the proper direction. Unfortunately, the cloud deck prevented us from seeing Discovery's last journey into space.

If Endeavor had gone up on the original launch date, we would have been in like flint. Crystal clear blue skies with a few puffy clouds dotting the skies. Alas, that launch was scrubbed and rescheduled for this morning. At 8am, it looked like rain, but the launch was still on.

Crap. Clouds. Lots of them.

Just in case, I schlepped the camera and my bulky tripod to the field behind our house, hoping that either the clouds would burn off or the shuttle could be seen in between the layers.

It didn't happen.

One launch left, and I'm hoping for clear skies.

Godspeed, Endeavor.


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