Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

With GameTeen's prom last night, I thought about how fast time flies. One day, you're bringing home a tiny infant and the next thing you know, they're in high school and going to proms. No, I'm not here thinking "My Baaahhhhbeeeeeeee", but realizing that as I get older, the time just flies by so fast.

So, of course, I thought of a few songs from my youth that touch on the subject of time. The first, probably one of the first Steely Dan songs I can recall hearing (Do It Again was released first, but it didn't make as much of an impact.) At the time it came out, it was in heavy rotation and the words didn't mean much. Now I appreciate the sarcasm.

A guy whose voice has always caught my attention is Al Stewart. In 1978, this one was all over the airwaves and for some reason, it seemed to be played every afternoon in the half hour drive between my junior high school and my bus stop, not that was a bad thing. Anything to cut down on Don Imus running at the mouth...

One from 1980 that really captivated me at the time was the Alan Parson's Project's Time. I heard it a lot in that spring and summer and well, it has good harmonies and is well constructed.

Each of these songs provides a snapshot of my youth to me, Reelin' in the Years to the weekend I spent at my best friend Nerissa's after she'd moved to Long Beach and we'd moved to Merrick. She lived a couple of blocks away from the boardwalk and we walked everywhere with her mom and sisters.

Time Passages reminds me of the daily bus ride and I can close my eyes and be transported back to the journey out of the school parking lot, down the main thoroughfares of my town to the bus stop right across the street from my house.

Time reminds me of (what else?) summers at the beach and riding my bicycle everywhere with my radio hooked into the rack on the back of my ten speed.

What about you? Songs about Time that are favorites? Memories they evoke?


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