What a Difference a Semester Makes

Prior to this semester, I'd look at jobs in my intended field to see where they could be found, how much the going rate is for an instructional technologist and what skills are most commonly desired. All the while, as a member of the student association, our leader is kind enough to regularly transmit job postings he sees in academia.

If you'd asked two years ago, my hope was to find a corporate job with a Fortune 100 in HR developing training materials. Now, I definitely feel that I'm a better fit for academia and as a result, I look more closely at the job postings R. has submitted to the group.

At the beginning of the semester, it was fun to look at them and think "Someday, I'll know how to do those things," but now, just one semester later, I could actually apply for the jobs because I've worked with each program.

Just because I've done one assignment for a class doesn't make me an expert, so I will continue refining the skills I've gained. It still impresses me that one semester could give me the basics to get a job.


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