The eBay App

As the owner of an iPhone, I have quite a few free applications that I put on my phone because I was sure I'd use them, and I haven't really done so. One of those was the eBay app. To give you an idea, I've been a registered member of eBay for almost 10 years (in 2 weeks, I'll hit that mark), and I've only got 108 ratings. So, I'm not a hard core user, but it fills a need.

Last week, I put some items up for auction, Disney collectibles. I did a lot of research on the pieces to get an idea of their value, but eBay's website is helpful in showing you current auctions. Google might help you find recently closed sales and the biggest resources are a few Disneyana sites.

However, a friend mentioned the iPhone app will allow you to search closed auctions. Why don't they do that on the website? I launched the app on my phone today and was able to keep track of the items I'm selling AND look up some of the ones I'm about to list and closed auctions for items I have listed.

Apparently, I did some pretty good research, because none of my starting prices are higher than the successful closed auctions of the same collectibles. However, if I'd known sooner that I could do this on the phone, I probably could have saved a few hours searching.

So, if you're an eBay seller and trying to get a feel for what that item might sell for, grab yourself the eBay app for your smart phone and let the search engine do the legwork for you!


meghan said…
You can search closed auctions on the website. Once you do the search, the sidebar on the left has a checkbox for 'closed auctions only' or something to that degree.

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