Wardrobe Malfunction

For just over two years, I've been in college student mode. I've got my casual capris, a couple of pairs of jeans and a boatload of USF t-shirts. Until I was on that committee, where I needed to look professional, it was usual to see me in casual attire.

A few months ago, Meghan went out and bought a new wardrobe thanks to her weight loss and inspired me to buy a handful of nicer tops. I'm loving the fact that peasant-style blouses are back in, so I grabbed a few of them in different colors. When I had the interview about a month ago for the GA position, I went and got a pair of dress capris.

Last week, another dress shirt that was more summery than the shirts I got for the committee interviews. It was paired with those dress capris. (In black, will I ever realize I have a cream-colored cat?) I wasn't looking at the big picture, because I'd had two previous interviews and didn't get the jobs-besides, they were campus jobs where it wouldn't matter if I wore casual pants.

I got the job.

Sunday night, as I'm figuring out what to wear, the realization that 'crap, I don't have enough appropriate attire that fits' came to the fore. Yesterday and today, I was fine. I've got another pair of pants for Thursday and need to go through my old dress attire to see if there's anything that fits.

I think the realization is setting in that for the first few paychecks, I'll have to go out and grab a new outfit (or at least a business appropriate top) to match the nature of the job. I guess I'd had myself in the mindset that I wasn't going to get a job that I didn't get to this part!

I've been told that as long as I don't show up in jeans, I'm fine. However, I know that I'll be greeting some VIPs on a regular basis, so it's important to be a little more polished than that. It would be bad to show up in casual wear and meet the new VP, know what I mean?


JW said…
I know the feeling. When it went from production to an office job at work because I really had no choice I had not 'dress' clothes at all. I had to go out and buy some dress pants and some collared shirts. It felt weird to come into work looking as I did. I get people telling me I am moving on up to the VIP level. I have to have at least 3 sets of these. I can go back to casual on Friday through Sunday which is every other week.
Suzanne said…
You've embraced the 'dress like your boss' approach! I hope to be pretty close to that, because I don't want to wear jackets every day.

Of the five I work for, the director wears a suit jacket and the rest wear nice dress pants and various collared shirts or nice blouses. The one guy doesn't wear a tie.

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