Clothing Purchases Aren't As Simple Anymore

As I'd mentioned in a previous entry, I need work clothes. No one is enforcing a dress code, but it's a given that when I'm greeting VIP's, I should be dressed nicely. College student apparel isn't exactly dual purpose!

Yesterday, I went out to augment the few pieces I already have. The capris I'd mentioned that are considered dressy are Dockers, and I remembered where I'd purchased them. Subscribing to my philosophy of "buy it in multiple colors," I went back to Beall's in the hopes of finding the same ones in different colors.

I struck out on that front, but did find two pairs of dressy capris and another pair of Dockers. Due to the pain issues with the PF and RSD, I usually don't bother with store fitting rooms, preferring to try things on at home. Of course, I run through a checklist of sorts while still in the store. You probably do, too, but there's a few extras I have to think about now.

Are they my size?
Are they appropriate for work?
Will they wash up nicely?
Do I have to dry clean them?
Is the fabric soft? (if it's not, the RSD goes into over drive)
What kind of thread was used on the seams? (some use nylon floss and it irritates the heck out of the RSD, too)
Where does it fall on my leg? Is it at the most sensitive part, or does it fall above or below it?
Will they look okay without stockings? (all I can say is OWWWWW about wearing them)
Will they attract cat hair? (one I never thought I'd ask, honestly!)
Will I roast in these if I'm stuck outside?
Is it on sale?

Yes, believe it or not, sale has moved to the BOTTOM of my question list in favor of finding clothing that doesn't irritate my stupid leg. I'll skip the sale racks in favor of the full priced items that don't drive me nuts all day.

Another issue to consider is shoes. Again, no one is forcing me to wear certain footwear but my boss has known me for a few years-so she knows the leg situation. Hell, we've had quite a few conversations about it. Now that I'm sitting at a desk, I'm back to one EE foot and one A foot. I have one pair of Croc's ballet flats and figured I should look for more. There's a new Croc's outlet in Orlando, so I figured I would make my way over there.

On my way out of the store, though, I decided to look at their shoes, and in the Crocs display, I found a pair that are even more comfortable than the current pair. They had them in my size and in brown to match the new pants, too.

It was a little surprising that, even with the longer needs list in buying clothes, I walked out with more than I expected. Even better-it all fits.


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