I had to go over to our storage unit to get the items I'd sold on eBay to ship them out. That unit is STUFFED to the gills, mostly with Jane's crap from Move 1.0 and then the final clear out of the apartment.

I want to sell it all, but it probably won't net more than the $1500 that the Estate Sale people charge to do it. It's not a pleasant proposition, thinking about trying to eBay everything that is worthwhile, then trying to figure out a way to dump find suckers match it up with people who are interested in these items, too.

Then there's the stuff too big to eBay or too cumbersome to ship. I've got the Jazzy listed on Craig's list without a single contact. It *might* sell on eBay, but I have no clue. There are a bunch of Disney prints that could sell, too, but finding boxes to ship them may not be easy.

I wish there was an easy way to get it gone!


Kate said…
You know where to send all the Star Wars Disney pins! ;)

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