Netting Down to What's Important

As we get older, our world view changes. In my case, my world is expanding in one way, while the family ties are dwindling.

We've had losses over the past few years that really change perspectives on what is important. My mom. Ed's mom. Ed's sisters. My niece's son, born too early this past October. Family by proxy is encountering an end of life journey with Hospice. (Ironically, they came to our family via Jane, who severed ties with the person who is in his last days.)

Today is a day that has caused me to reflect. The moms no longer with us, the friends who want so desperately to be called 'Mom' that probably won't have that opportunity. I'm pretty darn fortunate that not just once, but twice, I was able to bring a baby to term. Healthy babies, though if they knew I wrote the word 'baby' to describe them, they'd each be annoyed, so fast they are traveling away from that moniker.

While I think of the sadness that the day can bring, I think of the happiness. My sister celebrates this day as the mother of three, as my new nephew decided that he'd had enough of the cramped quarters at 34 weeks. He's got a bit of a hospital stay in store, but he's healthy.

In all of it, I am fortunate to know a lot of love in my life. From my Mom, from Ed's mom. From Ed, to share that desire for children. And those two boys, playing, laughing and grubbing for food this Mother's day, they don't have to say a word for me to know that they love me probably as much as I love them.

That's the best gift a Mom could get.


Jess said…
Amen. Well said. And Happy Mothers Day to you too!

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