Have You Ever?

**This post was written yesterday, but Blogger was down, so I'm adjusting the date to reflect the actual time it was written.**

Visited a website and are so jarred by the typographical errors and out of date information that it prevents you from absorbing the material you were seeking?

Tonight, on the advice of a professor in the course materials, visited a website for an association I will be expected to join when I finish my education. This professor has a quiz for us to see how much we delved into the site, so I took my time looking around and seeing what is offered.

However, the section for the graduate students (who comprise 1/3 of their membership) is chock full of misspellings and links to events that ‘you can attend’-only they happened two months ago. The greetings from the Chair and Chair-elect are nice, but the chair elect’s information stated he was to hold the role from 2010-2011. Oops.

I posted on Facebook how I probably should join the organization, but it’s hard to read a site that I want to fix. One of my favorite profs from my undergrad is a friend and suggested I offer to fix the site.

She knows me well. It’s something I do well, in fact, I enjoy the editing tasks my friends sometimes ask me to do for them and proof reading for them would further hone my skills and make their site more attractive to others. A half hour later, an email was sent, pointing out the more glaring errors on the site and offering to assist in proof reading if there isn’t already someone with that role.

We shall see what happens.

Between when I wrote this last night and posting it today, I got a nice message back from the Webmaster. She gave me contact info for the Graduate student side of their organization and suggested contacting them and offering up my services.


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