It's Time

We are sitting on a lot of stuff in this house. We downsized from a 2400 square foot house, to 1600 sf. When Jane moved into assisted living last year, she had items she wanted to keep, but they didn't fit into her ALF apartment. Into the garage and storage they went.

Then, when she broke her hip and it was clear she wouldn't be able to move back into her apartment, we packed the place up, planning to get rid of a bunch of it, but knowing we couldn't do that until she'd decided what to keep and sell. It got shoved into storage and the garage until both were busting at the seams, then some of it got put into our living room and family room.

Here we are, two months later, and it's just getting old, navigating around this stuff. Some of it is worth putting on eBay, some may be better off donated. I brought all of her clothes to Goodwill a while back, but there are movies out the wazoo, various collectibles, books and the like.

To start off, I just printed out the moratorium list of Disney movies. We have duplicates of most of our collection in Jane's stuff, so there's really no need to keep them. Heck, in some cases, there are three copies of movies (like Tron). Jane didn't believe in renting movies, so there are some movies in here that are head scratchers-she wanted to see them, and was willing to spend $25 to Walgreen's for a copy the day it came out.

At least this will get rid of four huge boxes.


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