Pits Stop

I have allergies. Many allergies, and the majority of them are head scratchers, though this one leaves me scratching my pits (and other parts, too).

Behold, the antiperspirant. Life in Florida necessitates the use of this stuff. Prior to living here, I could go most of the year without it, because I didn't sweat very much, even when active. Yeah, I know, I'm weird. However, for those few months when I needed to swipe the underarms, it was a struggle finding something that didn't result in my pits being itchy and me trying in vain not to look like a monkey.

Until the stuff on the right came along. When I worked for Bath and Body Works (the first time), they introduced this product and I got one for free to test it out. Like many of their products at the time, I didn't have an issue with it, which we used in my store to great advantage (Suzanne is allergic to just about everything under the sun and has had no reactions to it!).

As is typical, I stocked up on it, like I did many of my favorite B&BW products. Fortunately, living in Maryland meant that the four sticks lasted almost ten years. Yes, the people on Extreme Couponing are correct-this stuff lasts forever. Right about the time we moved here, B&BW was having one of their semi annual sales, and I scooped up all of the Raspberry antiperspirant, probably another 8 sticks.

Now, I'm down to one.

This means that one bathroom has a stick and the other does not. It's been so long since I've used anything else that I didn't stop to consider what using a different brand would do to me. In a hurry to leave, I grabbed Chef's pit shit (what we call it) and applied to the pits and cleavage because it was going to be a 95〫day.

Twenty minutes later, I regretted not taking the extra few minutes to go get my stick, and three days later, I'm still covered in hives where the Right Guard was applied. It's irritating and frustrating, but the temporary problem makes me realize a bigger one: this is my LAST stick of the B&BW stuff. They don't make it anymore and probably haven't for years.

I'm worried at what I'll find out there!


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