When You Can't Find What You're Looking For

I was sent on a mission this week (no, not from God-I'm not Jake or Elwood). A relative needed to replace a little league hat and was having some difficulty in finding the appropriate item, so I was called to secure a Seminoles hat.

Mind you, this is for a kid, so the goal was to get a child sized hat. Here in the land of Sunshine, where the Gators are considered the end-all and be-all of college sports, it's hard for 'Noles fans to get an equivalent amount of gear for their team. Heck, outside of Tampa, there's my alma mater's gear, but the selection pales in comparison to the quantity of royal blue and orange items.

So, I went out in search of a burgundy and tan hat, preferably with the Seminole Indian on it, preferably kid sized. Instead, I found an incredible amount of stuff that says FSU with that school's colors, one with an arrowhead and even more that just were emblazoned "Florida State" in huge type, and "Seminoles" slightly smaller.

I thought my school's team didn't get much respect around here, but the little guy in all this (I think FSU's enrollment is about 1/3 either UF or USF) has an ego problem, if you were to base it merely on the way the name of the school has to be front and center!

Anyway, I bought the child a burgundy hat with an arrowhead, adult small, and I'm hoping it fits-but I'm still looking.

While I'm at it, I need to scare up a USF onsie for my new nephew. At least I know I'll find those on campus...


JW said…
I think it is sickening myself that UF dominates everything around here. I became an FSU in 6th grade and it was a result of so many people being UF fans. I decided to root for the under dog and at that time FSU wasn't very good.
I don't wear hats anymore but if I did I don't see too many FSU hats that I even like. I had one a long time ago that I loved. It had the indian logo on it with the arrowhead in the background. The spear wrapped around the cap with the letters FSU on the visor. It took up alot of space and was very visible. I wore it PROUDLY. This stuff I see now looks like a reflection of low self esteem.

I have yet to to get any USF shirt but if I do I would get one that has Polytechnic. Does Poly have any good ones?
FSU is still my team with USF bringing up the rear. when FSU plays USF it is a house divided for me. maybe I should get USF and FSU shirt and have them fused together like I see license plates with UF and FSU cut down the middle 'a house divided'. I worked with a guy who had one. Daugther to UF, son to FSU.
Suzanne said…
Agree with you on the possible self-esteem issues! I'll poke my head in a few more places today to see if I can find more, but retailers seem to stock 80% UF, 10-15% FSU and 5-10% USF.

It gets a little better in Tampa, where honestly, I see a lot more FSU stuff, too. Then you have to figure in the large Ohio State contingent down here, and it becomes about 50% UF and about 20% each for FSU and USF.

Polytechnic has had a t-shirt, a polo and a ball cap, but the polo is sold out right now. (I went to buy one the other day.) They've got the t-shirts, which are pretty nice.

Next time I'm on the Tampa campus, I'll be able to find out what has been ordered for Poly and pass that on to you.

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