Estate Planning, Part Two

Oy, oy, headache.

I've mentioned before that despite the suggestions, Jane ignored any advice given about how to prepare for her eventual demise. When we did the pre-paid burial for Mom, we'd suggested the same for her and we only got as far as the fact that she wanted her ashes spread (or at least some of them) at Walt Disney World.

She never changed beneficiaries on things when Mom passed, in fact, she changed the beneficiaries TO Mom when she was 80 years old. Not wise thinking, and the topic was one she completely shut down on whenever it was brought up.

Today, I had a brief but productive conversation with a lawyer and the headache I envisioned in getting things through probate is actually what I'd expected, though it's not as bad as it could be. We have to have intestate probate filings for both Jane and Mom, though it doesn't matter which order we do them in.

That's good, because it's not going to be cheap.

Once again, people. If you haven't gotten your final wishes in order, do it now. If your assets are designated to be given to family members who have passed away, fix it. Today.



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